24 July 2009

The Modern World?

There’s been a passel of weird wine news coming across my computer screen the last few days. We’ve found a “new” wine group, the New World Wine Alliance, that doesn’t even have a website. We’ve then stumbled upon an older wine association, the World Wine Trade Group, whose website hasn’t been updated in at least two years. Then, we read the news that the progressive, modern state of Alabama has deemed a wine label with an 1895 painting to be pornographic.

Am I, too, so stuck in the “new and improved” mode that I’m shocked at an international trade organization that doesn’t have a website? Am I so out of touch with “old values” America that I’m appalled that an artistic representation of a nude woman flying through the air is found offensive by some?

Hey, I’m the one who wants to get back to nature, eat local, have a real sense of old-time community in my life again. The world sometimes just gets too odd for me.