16 July 2009

I've Always Thought of Myself as the Most Apolitical Person

Nothing is simple anymore, especially in politics and international relations.

I read several Cuba news websites and blogs. One says another is totally corrupt (meaning a mouthpiece of the Cuban government). Yet at times that “corrupt” site seems the most unbiased and newsworthy. Everyone has an agenda about Cuba. The Miami Cubans hate anything about Castro, even if it might be good. The reincarnations of Che at Berkeley (or wherever nowadays) believe anything anti Cuban is U.S. government propaganda. Is there no middle ground left?

In Iran, we have an obviously corrupt theocracy (is that redundant?) bent on obliterating freedom of choice, Israel, and the U.S. Most other nations have their panties in a wedge over the treatment of the demonstrators by the regime, but no country is willing to step up to the plate to say the so-called election was totally fixed. (But hey, Bush fixed the 2000 U.S. election.)

In Honduras, it’s a toss-up. Support a coup by the judiciary and army, or support an obviously megalomaniac president who was “democratically” elected.

Where’s my hole to crawl into?