16 July 2009

Feed Up With Technology

We are more than just a little annoyed at Alaska Visa/Bank of America. They have reinstated a couple of fraudulent charges that we disputed (and obviously did not make). Still working on a resolution, but we don’t expect to use that credit card ever again.

The credit/identity theft/fraud world is getting to be a scary place. We read so many stories of rip-off this, rip-off that. Are there enough honest people in the world left to make a difference? Or are the scumbags who rip off grandmothers and send spam from eastern Europe going to win? And the Wall St. bankers raking in million-dollar bonuses for getting the entire world into the current financial mess?

It really does make one want to own a home with no mortgage; pay for everything with cash; drive a paid-off car; ditch the damn internet; and just be home in the evenings playing games with the family or watching movies. Guess I’m just fed up with humanity, and I need a good experience with someone to improve my mood.