06 June 2011

News from the Capital

It seems kind of pitiful. We live in the capital of New Mexico – Santa Fe. Our skies have been obscured for days with smoke from the wildfires in nearby Arizona. Today, after several days of smoke, the local paper finally deigns to mention it.

Conversely, TWO DAYS AGO we saw an article on the BBC website (“British” Broadcasting Company) news about the fires. British. UK. Europe.

Our local paper is more interested in drug dealers being shot, in misdeeds in the Santa Fe police department, in local jack-off politics than in news that directly impacts the residents of this community.

For years I’ve been bemoaning the state of newspapers in this country. Even the big ones seem stuck in the 1970s. I’ve given up on the New York Times since they instituted a pay wall. For national news I now go to NPR and the BBC.

Sarah Palin should love it – the fewer people who read real news, the better for her shining example of idiocy.