12 January 2011

I'm Not Even Sure What to Title This

When events such as the Tucson murders occur, the American media (on both sides of the political spectrum) start peeing on themselves to prove their (often dubious) points. In such times, we tend to turn to the international media (no, not the International Herald Tribune, which is just the New York Times in disguise). The Guardian UK is admittedly a liberal publication, yet still has some of the most insightful comments on many aspects of American politics.

The Tucson madman is surely that – deranged. And whether or not he was influenced by conservative hate speech will be impossible to determine. Yet the fact is that such hate speech exists – and its existence is denied by the radical right. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, separated at birth.

Sarah Palin had the opportunity to lower the rhetoric and raise the bar of civility. Her statements (on Twitter and Facebook!) show her true identity. Here’s the best commentary about her inability to act as a humane and intelligent human being. From the Guardian UK.