18 January 2010

Photography Again

Many years ago – far, far too many, actually – I was a photo nerd. Obsessed. For fun; for profit; for... I don’t know what. I loved photography. (I remember an old line: When photographers get together, they talk about lenses and film and cameras. When writers get together, they don't talk about pencils or typewriter ribbons or computer programs.)

Then, film died. Kodachrome was my middle name, and when film started to evaporate I grew despondent. I was probably the last person to actually buy two APS cameras (look it up on Wikipedia).

Nonetheless, in the “old days” I sold quite a few photos as a minor-league, semi-pro photographer. To small- and medium-sized magazines such as Chevy Outdoors, Explore, Westways, Mountain Biking UK, Climbing, Mountain, and quite a few others. Back then, editors of smaller magazines actually appreciated a writer who could take photos. It made their lives easier. Besides, who else even had photos of the Agua Tibia Wilderness to go with my article?

Anyway, it seems like I’m revisiting my youth (or at least my young-middle-age). I finally got a fairly good digital SLR, and am having so much fun with it. Of course, my greedy side is trying to figure out how to make some money from photography again, but....

Despite the fact that I bought my wife a nice Nikon DSLR and several lenses a couple of years ago before her trip to Africa, for myself I still only had a couple of cheap (but decent) “point-and-shoot” digital cameras. But with the new camera, I’ve set myself a challenge. Over the course of a year, I want to take at least one photo a day with the new camera that might be good enough for publication – or good enough for someone to maybe, maybe, maybe want to buy a print.

I’m going to post these photos the day they were taken – maybe not every day, maybe not all of them; but no old stock pix; no images from previous trips (or a previous life) that might have produced some good shots. Just a (maybe) daily photo from the new camera.

Today, a shot from our house on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, Washington.